What is Sous Vide

Anova precision circulator sous vide square

Sous vide is a wonderful method of cooking that makes it easy to turn out delicious, amazing food that will impress your friends and family. However, there are some basics you should understand before you get started, as well as some more advanced techniques to maximize your sous vide experience.

For those who are new to sous vide, I recommend starting with my Beginner's Guide to Sous Vide. It will walk you through everything you need to know to get started cooking sous vide yourself.

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I'm in the process of launching a new email course on sous vide cooking. It will cover all aspects of sous vide, from choosing the right equipment to fully understanding what time and temperature to use on any piece of food.

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If you are looking for specifics on how to cook a certain item, or just want some inspiration, I have a few hundred sous vide recipes covering the majority of the popular cuts of meat as well as many fruits and vegetables.

Sous vide sirloin roasted vegetables

Sous vide equipment is always changing and we keep up with the latest trends and equipment. With many reviews, benchmark tests, and recommendations we will keep you up-to-date with the most recent sous vide equipment.

For a deeper dive into different sous vide subjects you can view all my sous vide articles.

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